Weekly window for Sunday 7th April

Tonight is the Taylor Court service. You are more than welcome to come to visit with the residents there and participate in a short worship service at 6 PM.

The Guild will enjoy an afternoon tea and entertainment by James and Heather smith tomorrow monday 8th of april from 10-12 in the Newmill Community Hall.

To sponsor CrossReach for Run Balmoral the sign up is on the board in the hall or in the Kirk shop. Training is going well and I definitely anticipate I definitely will be able to finish-but probably not first! All of your support will be for CrossReach facilities in the North East and Northern Isles presbytery. Thanks to those of you who have already been generous!

Tune into KCR radio programme, revin’ up on april the 8th at 7PM and April the 9th at 11AM.

There will be a play group beginning in the church to support parents, grandparents and their babies and toddlers. The first meeting will be at 9:15 on Thursday morning,April 18th, spread the news to anyone who might have a grandchild, to a neighbor, anyone wanting a little social time!

Save the date! 11th of May there is a prayer training morning at Bellie Church from 10AM-1PM. Everyone is welcome.