Weekly Window for Sunday 7 July 2024

Sunday 7 July is our monthly service at Taylor Court, 6 PM, everyone welcome. There will be a Holiday Club/Keith Show meeting on Monday, 15 July at 4:00 PM at KN in the hall to make sure we have dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s. Put this date in your calendar to finish off … Read more

Weekly Window for Sunday 30th June 2024

Next week, 7th July, will be our monthly service at Taylor Court, 6 PM, anyone can join us. Summer has arrived with the break-up of the school term. We hope we will have a good turnout for our holiday club this year, 22-26 July 2-4:30. Do advertise widely for us. Posters are in the shops … Read more

Weekly Window for Sunday 23 June 2024

Our last Parent and Toddler session will be this coming Thursday, the 27th of June at 9:15. Come play with us! The final Bible Study this term will be Thursday 27th at 4. We will focus on the last chapter in 1 Peter. Know you are welcome to participate or to just come and listen. … Read more

Weekly Window for Sunday 16th June 2024

If you haven’t taken opportunity to participate in TMSA, it’s not too late. Enjoy traditional music today. We welcome our guests, Irene Watt and Graham White, who have come to play and sing for us this morning. Heartfelt thanks for your participation in our worship.  Do not delay if you are not yet registered to … Read more

Weekly Window for 9th June 2024

Please make sure you are registered to vote and have the appropriate ID, or if appropriate have requested a postal vote.  Next Sunday is the service of Scot’s Praise. Let’s look forward to celebrating God’s word together.  Please remember our Presbytery meeting on Saturday the 15th of June in prayer. Our congregation has been cited … Read more

Weekly Window for 2 June 2024

Coffee Morning this Saturday: League of Friends in the KN hall. Bible Study this coming Thursday at 4. We are continuing in 1 Peter, and would love to hear your thoughts. Come on along. The Annual Stated Meeting for the congregation will be held next week, 9th of June following worship. And the service of … Read more

Weekly Window for 26th May 2024

Thanks to those who helped out with the café church and the service both last week and this week.  I would like to be worshipping with you. I will be back on the 28th and see you next Sunday, for the 2nd of June. Coffee Morning on Saturday, 1 June in aid of St. Thomas-saxophone … Read more

Weekly Window for 19th May 2024

Happy Pentecost everyone!! Thank you so much to all who have helped with dish washing, baking, chair moving, hosting, welcoming, everything to make all of the events happen over the past week. We had a good turn out for the conversation with Shuna about parish grouping, for the baptism, and for the Christian Aid breakfast. … Read more

Weekly Window for 12th May 2024

Lots happening this week! Firstly, Monday, 13th of May is our opportunity to learn more about what it means to be a parish grouping. We will have a conversation with Shuna Dicks here in the church hall at 4 PM. All are welcome.  Then, we will be hosting a ‘big breakfast’ for Christian Aid. Come … Read more

Weekly window for Sunday the 28th of April

Saturday, 4th of May 10-12 Christian Aid coffee morning in the St. Rufus hall. An opportunity to support the work of Christian Aid, come on along. Thanks to all supporting the Run Balmoral. Amazingly, we did it! CrossReach will be grateful for our donation, but we were also doing it to raise the profile of … Read more