Finance and Fundraising

The congregation was fortunate to have received a large endowment in 1982 from R.W

Garrow which continues to support its ministry and mission

This considerable fund is held in trust with only the investment income being available to use

With its help the congregation are able to fulfill all central commitments to Edinburgh

A further recent bequest will be put to good use on fabric matters

In past years there have been well organised Stewardship campaigns which have raised both Givings and Gift-Aid commitments

The people of Keith, Newmill, Boharm and Rothiemay are kind and generous and willing to support with the right encouragement from an enthusiastic minister

In recent years campaingns have been run to raise money to re-slate Rothiemay church roof and on-going events are planned where possible

Even during the recent pandemic a wonderful array of hampers were made up and a considerable sum was raised

Prior to the pandemic the church would organise a number of well attended coffee mornings per year which would serve not only to help with fundraising but as social events to bring the church and community together.