Tuesday’s Table

Please join us at 11:30-1:30 every Tuesday in the church hall for a soup and sweet!

How it all started……….

In June of 2016, in conjunction with local supermarket Tesco, an idea was brought to Kirk Session

Could the church make use of the food that would be thrown away and destroyed? It couldn’t be given away in its current form but the question was – What to do with it? After much discussion it was decided to provide a hot meal once a week to anyone in Keith and it’s environs, who would benefit from it

The aim was to make it open to all with donations gratefully received but not asked for

What do we do? Each week the group start by collecting the food from Tesco on Sunday evening and making sure it is stored and prepared correctly

Early on Tuesday morning they decide on the day’s menu using mainly the food which has been donated but also shopping for the extras needed

They are enthusiastic cooks and have become very creative with the recipes

Who knew grape sponge could be so delicious !! A simple but wholesome (and tasty!) meal of hot soup, with choice, and bread together with a hot or cold pudding

Tea and coffee follows and usually a cake or biscuit

It provided between 11.30 am and 1.30 pm every Tuesday , including Christmas

Who are we? There is a rota of willing helpers both male and female from all walks of life and from the other local churches who work in the kitchen or setting up/serving in the hall

Offers of help, great or small, are always welcome

Each Tuesday they meet to chop, cook, bake, set tables, wash dishes, serve, clear away, freeze any leftovers (a rare occurrence) and leave the hall and kitchen as they found it

How it has all worked out? The ‘customers’ are aged between 3 months and 100 years old with most people coming since the project started in October 2016

To date they average 70 customers each Tuesday but have had as many as 90

There are regulars but new faces are made very welcome

Not everyone is there because they don’t have the ability to make a meal for them selves

Some come along for the company and others come along to support it

Some simply come along because the food is so great

The aim to provide good food and good company to anyone in a warm ,friendly, welcoming and safe environment has certainly been met ! N.B.