Weekly Window for Sunday 16th June 2024

If you haven’t taken opportunity to participate in TMSA, it’s not too late. Enjoy traditional music today. We welcome our guests, Irene Watt and Graham White, who have come to play and sing for us this morning. Heartfelt thanks for your participation in our worship. 

Do not delay if you are not yet registered to vote, as the deadline is 18 June. Do take your opportunity to express your faith in action. 

Bible Study this coming Thursday 20th at 4. We are continuing in 1 Peter with rousing discussions about slaves and wives and faith. We will plan to meet one more Thursday before breaking for the summer, and it’s never too late to learn something. 

We are continuing to meet with mothers and toddlers next Thursday at 9:15. Would love to see a few more folk join in. 

Be on the lookout for children to invite to our holiday club-22 through the 26 of July from 2:00-4:30 and worship on the 28th. The theme is for God so loved the world…